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Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon November 1-4, 2021

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Match awesome startup's product ideas with smart engineering.

The only limit is your imagination.
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Get a quote from great people and make them the stars of our movie about Web Summit.

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Just get to know cool people and have a great time together.

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Andrew Sharapo
“ I believe that it is better to think first and do the right thing from the beginning, than not to think and do bullshit. ”
Andrew Sharapo | The perfectionist and CTO at Uinno
the perfect squad

We love technology, innovation, marketing, ideas, and certainly parties

BizTech Unit

We possess in-depth expertise when it comes to enriching business processes with technologies. Ask any one of us to profit!

Pavel Rudyka
CEO Pavel
"My superpower is to unite true talents into a strong dream team and show them the direction to growth."
Pavel Rudyka CEO
Andrew Sharapo
CTO Andrew
"I am a perfectionist at everything I do and can fine-tune the tech processes for a perfect product development."
Andrew Sharapo CTO
Anna Oleynik
"I am a jack-of-all-trades concerning well-rounded business growth and product development."
Anna Oleynik CBDO
Film Crew

We are supercharged to capture the event in faces and convey the atmosphere through people. Voice your vision with us!

Stanislav Bondarenko
COO Stanislav
"I am committed to streamline processes everywhere I go, even when I am on a mission to interview business leaders."
Stanislav Bondarenko COO
Rodion Chudin
Head of Marketing Rodion
"Do your best and you will see the rest - the motto I'm living by while solving marketing challenges for business or having parties."
Rodion Chudin Head of Marketing
Hanna Bobino
Content Creator Hanna
"I know how to make every content go viral and this one will not be an exception. Come see and let's have fun!"
Hanna Bobino Content Creator
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Uinno is trusted by forward-thinking

“OnlyFans”, a world-famous content subscription platform, that benefitted from our fraud prevention ML solution.

The University of Melbourne

“Expedo”, a global HCM system

An e-learning corporate
platform which is used by:

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Awesome stories about your idea, product, goals, and challenges.

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With expertise in solution architecture, tech stack selection, ML, and marketing opportunities.


We are eager to do an interview with cool startupers, smart investors, and business leaders for our inspiring movie. Jump in to make a change!

be our hero - voice your idea to the world