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No matter the task, we have a team of the brightest minds to address any business challenge and create a world-famous product.

We support startups at every stage of their lifecycle

Idea validation
Test your idea to realize its viability.
Product discovery
Brainstorm your audience's needs
Product Prototypes & UI/UX Wireframes
Visualize an early sample of your product.
Marketing Plan
Allocate the best monetization strategy.
Product development
Solution architecture
Thought through the right solution design for scalability.
MVP development
Verify business assumptions via a light product version.
Product Launch
Make a smart debut of your product.
Marketing Assistance
Work closely with your audience.
Scale easily
Scalable market blueprint
Optimize solution architecture.
Full-cycle Product Development
Develop a complete product.
Improved security
Set the shield against attacks.
Performance optimization
Withstand the highest workloads.
Enhanced user experiences
Make your audience admire your product.
Rise strong
DevOps support
Stabilize mobility across your product.
Change fast and rise easily.
Improved UX
Look great and astonish people.
Compliance and security
Power up your data protection level.
Artificial intelligence & machine learning
Make routine processes smart.
Deep neural networks
Make your product learn by itself.
Blockchain-ready solutions
Decentralize your digital solution.
Startup rescue mission
Got confused with technology? We are here to help!


Apps we can build together

Web application

Present your idea on the web with a smart backend and attractive frontend solution.

Mobile app

Use mobility advantages for your own benefit to deliver a good-looking mobile product.


Step into the new era of decentralization with our secure and clever web3 solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Make your idea smart and self-learning to provide a unique value proposition on the market.

Your challenge

Let us turn your idea into an in-demand software product with millions of dedicated followers.

We get you!

We know exactly what a potentially successful startup needs. Be it idea validation, MVP development, or pitching to investors - we support you all the way as we already did with ⅔ of our clients.

Anna Oleynik
Anna Oleynik
BDM at Uinno

Your success is our success

We are proud of every single work our development team does. Just look at it closely!

Fraud detection solution with ML & DNN for world-famous startup

Machine learning and deep neural networks for high-load platforms allowed to develop a custom user behavior scoring system that includes:

  • the business logic of user behavior analysis,
  • the data model of behavioral users' activity,
  • the pipeline of predictive model development.
  • 80% of fraudulent activity is identified and restricted before happening.

Social networking

United Kingdom

MVP development of a Bloomberg-like investment software within a limited budget

A minimum viable product of a fintech tool similar to the Bloomberg trading and investing platform that allows to smoothly analyze data about companies from various sources and make the right investments.

  • 60% of the MVP’s initially implemented business logic was easily modified within just 4 days thanks to the right solution architecture approach.



CAD software development for a security SaaS startup

Creating a floor plan for any location and choosing the most suitable devices takes a few hours instead of days including the clear choice and cost calculation of the necessary security equipment for each end customer.

  • SaaS for sale via a vendor lock scheme is the final goal of the developed planning automation CAD tool.



Can’t find a project that resonates with your vision? Explore more case studies to find the expertise that fits your idea.

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The most common concerns we mitigate

Tight budget

The Uinno development team has managed to deliver a Bloomberg-like investment software tool within a limited budget.

Blocks. MVP for Australian startup
Technology risks

The prediction betting platform became stable and faster by 80% within just 1-2 weeks of product optimization performed by Uinno.

One-of-a-kind predictions betting platform
Limited timeframe

The Uinno development team has managed to develop a unique software scanning solution within a 1-month timeframe.

Making a web interface for the software security tool

Technology stack

We are not attached to specific technologies, the tech stack is chosen based on the project’s best interests.

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Material UI
  • JavaScript & JQuery
  • Typescript
  • Angular.js
  • React.js (Next.js, Gatsby)
  • Vue.js (Nuxt.js, VuePress)
  • A-Frame
  • Ember.js
  • Svelte

Domains of our

Core expertise

We create focused web applications for a wide variety of industries.

Are we a match?

We are already eager to start your future-perfect software project. However, we completely understand that you may have some final questions. Feel free to ask right away, we are here for you!

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Uinno is a product development agency compiled of engineers and technology experts with an ownership mindset who are solely focused on solving business challenges via creating future-ready apps, websites, and digital solutions.

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