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Digital Design Agency Case Study

A digital design agency based in the USA, named among the Top 10 Design Agencies of 2019 by CSS Design Awards and recognized with over 45 awards by the same organization, turned to us to rapidly augment their resources for tackling urgent client requests for a website UX/UI rebuild.

Strategic Collaboration: The UINNO Advantage

Our partnership was the catalyst for transformative change. We took the helm during the initial phase, conducting a comprehensive design audit. 

This strategic alliance yielded two pivotal outcomes for our partner:

Client Retention

By harnessing our specialized expertise, the agency was able to assure their client of uninterrupted progress, even when their primary resources were engaged elsewhere.

Revenue Amplification

The agency not only retained a key client but also realized substantial financial gains through our joint endeavors.

Performance Indicators


An extra 18% in revenue was realized through advantageous financial terms of our collaboration.


A 20% uptick in revenue was achieved by our partner fromthe total client contract value, attributable to our services.

Uinno is a product development agency compiled of engineers and technology experts with an ownership mindset who are solely focused on solving business challenges via creating future-ready apps, websites, and digital solutions.

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