Full cycle custom development for Ukrainian digital volunteer platform | eDopomoga

Partnership with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. 
Development of a web application on a volunteer basis.

Project Highlights
  • More than 5200 volunteers registered and actively donating on the platform.
  • More than 33,000 successfully completed applications for assistance.
  • More than UAH 10 million in aid.
12 months
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
  • Express (Node.js microframework)
  • PostgreSQL (DB)
  • GatsbyJS (React-based meta-framework)
Offered Services
Offered Services
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Project Management
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web

Product overview

eDopomoga is a digital platform that unites government agencies, humanitarian organizations, and global volunteers in a shared mission to support those in urgent need. This initiative, birthed by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, emerged in response to Russia's full-scale invasion. The concept is straightforward: to provide those impacted by the aggression with a conduit to receive essential aid.

The platform consists of three components

Serving as a comprehensive resource hub, this section allows those seeking aid to access critical information regarding assistance from international organizations. It streamlines the process of discovering and utilizing various support channels.
This feature facilitates direct volunteer assistance, enabling individuals to request help and others to respond to those needs. What began as a hand-to-hand assistance endeavor has evolved into a broader support network. Partners can now assist through certificates redeemable at supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, and more. Many organizations have joined hands with eDopomoga to extend support.
This section contains all the information about the social assistance provided by the government to the victims of the war. This includes information on payments, compensation, assistance, and obtaining IDP status.

The challenges the Ministry addressed to us

In the immediate aftermath of the war's outbreak, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine acted with unparalleled urgency to create a platform to aid those in dire need. A product was swiftly developed that, despite its imperfections, succeeded in fulfilling its fundamental mission: to connect those in need with those able and willing to help.

Given the platform's rapid construction under pressing circumstances, certain deficiencies were inevitable. The government agency, despite its best intentions, lacked the resources to ensure the platform's development at an optimal level. Recognizing this, we willingly extended our expertise, volunteering to join the Ministry of Social Development's team.

Our primary responsibility was to bolster the platform's stability and to rectify the issues hindering its proper functionality. We understood the urgency of the situation, and our commitment was to enhance the platform's effectiveness in delivering the vital support needed in this unprecedented crisis.

the first stage of

Uinno's work as part of the eDopomoga team

In the preliminary stage of our collaboration with the eDopomoga project, our primary focus was on immediate, 'hands-on' engagement to ensure that the platform remained operational. The urgency of the situation precluded the luxury of pre-launch testing, leaving us to conduct all tests in real-time with live applications.

Users encountered a series of common challenges. For instance:
Manually cities input

The system lacked the functionality to select a city, requiring users to input this information manually.

Incapability of automatically sending notifications

The platform was incapable of automatically sending notifications to confirm that an application had been accepted, leaving us to handle these procedures manually at first.

So our first priority was to manually do what the system could not do automatically and gradually add, improve, and automate processes.

the second (main) stage of

Uinno's work as part of the EHelp team

As the war's initial months unfolded and we continued our support of the platform, both the Ministry and our team at Uinno recognized the critical need for eDopomoga. It became evident that a more refined approach was necessary, one that would honor the urgency of the situation with a robust solution.

Uinno's experience allowed to redesign the product thoroughly, make it scalable and pleasant, and understandable for users. In fact, we did several things:

Deep refactoring of the Backend

We conducted a deep refactoring of the Backend to improve its structural integrity.

Performance boost of over 30%

We completely rewrote the Frontend, achieving a performance boost of over 30%. This resulted in a swifter, more responsive product.

Intuitive design, mobile-first approach

We conceived and implemented an intuitive design for the platform. Though crafted as a Mobile-First Web application, we ensured its usability with one-handed operation when accessed via a smartphone.

SEO optimisation

We optimized the platform for search engines, rendering it SEO-Friendly.

Summarising stages

Supporting a hastily made MVP

Drawing an analogy to the startup world, the initial phase of our involvement resembled supporting a hastily made MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Custom development driven by a vital need

The subsequent phase transitioned into custom development, driven by the recognition of the ongoing and vital need for assistance.


User Authorization

Ensuring secure access to the platform.

User Account

Facilitating individualized experiences and management.

User Verification through ID.GOV.UA

Enabling secure identity validation.

Integrations with Various Partners

Collaborating with key partners such as Silpo, ATB, Wog, Okko, Nova Poshta, and more, for a unified experience.

Custom API Development

Crafting our own API to facilitate seamless integration with new partners, making future collaboration efficient and coherent.

Gamification Elements

Introducing engaging features like allowing users to become St Nicholas for a child, adding a layer of involvement and connection.

Achievements and Competitive Statistics

Tracking the overall assistance provided by volunteers, fostering a competitive spirit, and motivating individuals to contribute even more to the cause.

These carefully thought-out features align the platform with its core mission while offering users a well-organized, engaging, and secure interface. Through our collaboration, we've managed to create a platform that not only delivers aid but also nurtures a community centered around compassion and proactive assistance.

Plans for the future

eDopomoga has become a striking testament to the power of digitalization in social and volunteer assistance. In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, we have crafted a product that has extended a helping hand to countless individuals.

Our vision for eDopomoga's future is both robust and inspiring, and here's a glimpse into our immediate and long-term plans:

  • Short-Term Improvements: We are keen on introducing enhancements that further streamline assistance. A prime example of this is our plan to develop a subscription service, enabling users to automatically extend support to specific individuals or families on a monthly basis. This feature will foster consistent aid and deepen the connection between helpers and recipients.
  • Long-Term Ambitions: The Ministry has set its sights on expanding the reach of eDopomoga by sharing our successful model with countries that cater to socially disadvantaged populations. Our aspiration is to see eDopomoga blossom into a global platform, spreading compassion and assistance across borders.

We move forward with optimism, confident that eDopomoga's blend of technology and humanity will continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of people around the world.

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