NBA-like Game statistics and refereeing video app for basketball. Powered by ML.

Project Highlights
  • Innovative Solution: Developed an intelligent video processing system for community sports, transforming a single camera into a digital referee. This provided an enhanced viewing experience, mirroring professional sports production.
  • Player and Game Tracking: Implemented Convolutional Neural Network technology to track each player and the ball on the field. This capability directed camera focus and highlighted significant game moments.
  • Stabilized Image Quality: Created a specialized algorithm to mitigate camera shaking when zooming into crucial game moments, improving the overall video quality.
3 months
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
  • TensorFlow
  • OpenCV
Offered Services
Offered Services
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Web


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the challenge

The main idea was to create a digital referee. Community sports leagues have only one camera at their disposal to film the game, unlike professional sports. We had to teach the camera to follow the game and to be able to zoom in on the important moments so that we could get content that was fun to watch, as if the game had been filmed with professional production.


core solution

As a first step, we built a system that fulfilled the basic requirements of the client. Namely, we taught the camera to follow the game and highlight important moments. To achieve the desired result, we taught the system to do these things:

Detect each player separately

Using Convolutional Neural Network, we trained the system to distinguish between players on the field so that it could help us point the camera in the right direction.

It is essential to watch the ball

We started detecting the ball separately so that the camera could better understand which way to look and which moments of the game needed to be highlighted.

Understand the weight point of interest

There are quite a few players on the field. And we also had to teach the system to understand where to look.

Image quality

In the process of work, we faced the fact that zooming in on important moments of the game, the camera shook. To solve this problem, we wrote a special algorithm, which later helped to get a smoother, better picture.

Product Improvement

Upon the successful implementation of the fundamental functionality, as initially planned, we embarked on a journey to enhance the system. The objective was to enable the system to collect exhaustive game statistics, specifically:

The goal was to engineer a system akin to the sophisticated data collection mechanisms employed by the NBA. However, it was here that we encountered the crux of the challenge. Unlike the NBA, equipped with myriad cameras and sensors positioned strategically, we were limited to a single camera.

This scarcity of data collection means drastically curtailed our ability to develop the envisioned functionality. Ultimately, due to the impracticability of continuing with insufficient resources, the project was paused, while the solution proved its efficiency and applicability for basketball and other sports.

The goal was never to expend exorbitant resources but rather to create a highly efficient system within the constraints of a limited budget and minimal data.

What's in the outcome?

The Uinno team made substantial strides with this experimental project, extracting maximum potential from available resources. Our innovative solution significantly enhanced the content quality for community sports across Australia, successfully meeting all initial objectives. In our quest to overdeliver, we aimed to construct a system resembling the NBA's data acquisition. However, the data paucity proved a hurdle too significant to overcome. Nonetheless, given adequate data, we were well-prepared to accomplish this ambitious task. Although the project was temporarily shelved at the client's request, our collaboration continues, tackling fresh ideas and challenges together.

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