Zerofy. Zero Carbon Lifestyle App

Mobile development of an ecotech startup

Project Highlights
  • Raised $1.2 million in funding to boost zero-carbon lifestyle in households.
  • Resolving the ecotech application overload with cloud migration service.
  • Data preserving while performing huge data migrations within startup growth.
  • Accurate emissions measurement via real-time connection to smart devices.
Mar 2020 - Sept 2022
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
  • Swift
  • Firebase
  • CoreLocation
  • Realm
  • Alamofire
  • Moay
  • Miele API
  • Nordigen API
  • Zaptec API
  • RestFul
  • OAuth
  • Multi-Threading
  • Charts
Offered Services
Offered Services
  • Solution Architecture
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Frontend Development
  • Mobile Backend Development
  • Design Implementation
  • Cloud Migration
  • iOS

Product overview

General Description
Social responsibility
The climatetech project is designed to lead a zero carbon lifestyle in a world concerned about climate change, lots of CO2 emissions, and the warming effect.
The app mission
To help an ecotech app user make as few carbon footprints as possible by tracking the number of emissions a user produces and providing valuable guidance for their reduction.
A self-monitoring app
Measures household’s carbon emissions and shows the user the global effect in action.

Whether users drive a car, go to the subway, or travel by plane, the ecology application tracks their activity and determines the used vehicle and the taken route in detail. Based on a huge vehicle database and a rough forecast, the app defines the number of emissions made by the user and provides recommendations on how to lower them in the future.

Business Component
Target audience
The carbon measurement app is popular among eco-activists who want to make fewer carbon emissions.
App monetization
The app is free. However, there are plans to sell solar panels and other eco-friendly items.
The founders
Individuals with a personal climatetech startup who are fully engaged in the product development and were occasionally involved as a project manager, tester, or engineering mind.

Challenges & Solutions

1. The app is overloaded

The application integrates many services that we constantly monitor and collect data from. For example, we parse transactions in order to determine the approximate expenses and the amount of carbon emissions occurred from them.

Given this fact and numerous calculations performed within an app, it results in a huge app load, major battery consumption, and many other issues.

2. Emissions calculations

To provide real value to users, the eco measurement app needs to calculate emissions as accurately as possible.

We were required to define the viable ways to do so, test all approaches and implement the best ones that fit our objectives.

3. Preserving data from erase

We actively develop the ecotech product and something may change within the process.

But the database must live, constantly change and collect data in order to gather full-fledged statistics in a year, month, etc. so that ecotech startup owners could present their results to potential investors, show the available data and raise another funding for further startup growth.

4. Startup requirements are constantly changing

Everything gets changed over time just like in a regular startup. Once founders or our team find a cool service, we strive to get it tested but it results in numerous changes within a product.

For example, we have tried to connect a Revolut payment solution, but they have demanded so much that it turned out to be inappropriate.

Collaboration model

Time & Material
Time & Material

Once a new challenge is set, we develop a comprehensive digital solution.

What's in the outcome?

The Uinno development team helped to develop a climatetech app from an idea into a well-functioning product that continues to grow and build ambitious plans.

A well-structured and highly-focused approach allowed our app development team to implement an accurate carbon emissions measurement and integrate automatic calculations directly from smart devices. To decrease the load on the application itself, we have decided to migrate all complex computing to the cloud. Despite the riskiness of such a procedure, our DevOps engineers have managed to preserve all user information and ensure the highest standards of data migration security.

Thanks to the highest quality of provided services by Uinno and thorough dedication of our app development team, the ecology preserving app has managed to raise funds of over one million US dollars for its further development within just 2 months after its launch on the market.

Launched in April 2022

Future Plans

The carbon measurement app continues to provide insights for personalized actions targeted at changing the climate situation for the better. Among possible future solutions, founders see the feasibility to help users buy eco-friendly items right from the app. Besides that, the application is focused on growing its popularity among eco-conscious people which will lead to a bigger amount of raised funding for future product development.

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