Frontend & Backend Development for HR Solutions Company

SaaS web ecosystem for Australia

Project Highlights
  • Developed backend part for a unified solution using .NET technology.
  • Implemented frontend part & IT infrastructure for a recruitment tool.
  • Guaranteed cost-efficient maintenance and bug-free deployment.
Feb 2020 - Ongoing
Tech Stack
Tech Stack
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Microsoft Azure
  • .NET
  • Web API
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure Service Bus
Offered Services
Offered Services
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Web

Client Overview

The Project

Expedo is a complex human capital management ecosystem that allows to streamline and manage a complete workforce lifecycle within any company. Starting from the Australian region they are eager to scale on the international market. Its global goal is to incorporate a set of digital solutions for recruitment, onboarding, HR, payroll, learning, collaboration, and offboarding employees into one system and fine-tune the synergy in between.

The Calling

The whole hiring process starts with sourcing and recruiting top talents. It is quite complicated and requires dealing with lots of pitfalls like:

  • Manually screening large volumes of job applications;
  • Silence treatment towards candidates that affect employer branding;
  • Disconnected sources for background checks and pre-employment tests;
  • Difficulty to evaluate the applicant's ability to fit the team culture;
  • Focus on permanent contacts ignoring the need for a contingent workforce.

To resolve these and many other challenges in the HR area, the client decided to create a whole digital ecosystem with a number of interconnected products.

Basically, we’ve started our cooperation with a recruitment tool development and continued working on internal solutions delivery and further systems tuning.

Chapter 1

Frontend Development for Expedo Recruitment

The Challenge

One of the primary solutions was to allow leading the job applicant all the way to employment in the most logical and convenient way. This is how the idea for developing a recruitment tool was created.

While the backend part was developed by another development team, the client has reached out to us for frontend development and IT infrastructure implementation. The solution should not only provide an intuitive user experience, smooth interactions, and optimized performance but integrate flawlessly with both internal system solutions and external job listing platforms.

Among many tasks, the major one was to create recruitment pipelines that aimed to streamline the hiring process for the platform's end users. Besides primary ones, it was necessary to develop custom pipelines that end-users will create for intermediate results of candidate selection.

The complexity lay in the fact that it is impossible to predict how many primary or custom pipelines the end user will create.

Provided by Uinno

Core solutions

Once we got an inquiry, our engineering team started brainstorming possible solutions for the task. After a thorough analysis, we have decided to allocate a part of the pipelines to the primary ones and another part - to the custom ones.

Developing recruitment pipelines

We have created an architecture and structure of the pipelines to manage their state. The visualization part included the drag-and-drop functionality.

Incorporating internal tools

Being a part of an ecosystem requires cooperating flawlessly with other Expedo tools including the creation of a candidate profile that will be further passed to other platforms.

Integrating with external job boards

The solution provides an ability to smoothly work with external job listings like Indeed. Once a recruiter creates a job ad, it appears on external job boards.

The frontend part was developed using React and MobX libraries and Typescript language.
To integrate a static website with CDN our team has utilized the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

Chapter 2

Backend Development for PDF Converter

The Challenge

The first stage of our cooperation with the HR solutions company has led to continued collaboration on internal project development like PDF converter.

Its primary goal was to make a unified solution using .NET technology that can be used throughout the whole line of Expedo products and withstand heavy loads.

To implement fault tolerance we were required to decide on the best possible solution architecture that allows the product to be highly performant, secure, and easily deployed.

The client represents an enterprise, therefore, it has influenced the choice of tech stack. Strongly typed languages like C# guarantee high performance and a minimum number of errors thanks to code compilation.

Continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) can increase code quality and speed up development and deployment processes. We’ve decided to use Azure DevOps tools for CI/CD implementation. To preserve Azure resources' integrity and increase maintainability we needed to use Bicep IaC language.

Our development team has developed the “brain” of the PDF converter using backend development services.

Provided by Uinno

The core solutions

Data insertion

This way, the PDF converter became a microservice that customers can subscribe to and use for reporting, invoicing, etc. Basically, a user inputs a list of parameters, and files addresses and specifies the places where he or she wants to insert separate data. It is designed as a constructor where all data are embedded into a document as specific objects (images, tables, etc.).

Solution architecture implementation

The frontend part was developed using React and MobX libraries and Typescript language. To integrate a static website with CDN our team has utilized the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

Approach #1

We have started this path from Azure Functions since it was the initial client’s request. But after performance tests had been carried out, we discovered performance issues under heavy loads. Another concern was the price. Optimized Azure Functions turned out to be too expensive, even after switching hosting from Windows to Linux.

Approach #2

Then we’ve decided to utilize Azure App Service as an API and Azure Function as a trigger handler for the Azure Service Bus messaging system. This approach showed much better performance results but still was highly expensive.

Approach #3

Then we’ve decided to utilize Azure App Service as an API and Azure Function as a trigger handler for the Azure Service Bus messaging system. This approach showed much better performance results but still was highly expensive.

Polished management

Time & Material
Time & Material
Agile Approach
Agile Approach
Jira Software
Jira Software

We have configured our collaboration with a client on a time and material basis with transparent estimation.

The development process included sprints performed within the agile approach using Jira.

We are free from micromanagement which reflects in higher motivation and enhanced responsibility of our teammates. Once the client challenges us with a pain point, we dive into finding the best possible solution.

This approach is as relevant as never before.

Each team member was eager to improve their skills, apply new approaches and innovative technologies, contribute to teamwork, and offer solutions to complex problems. It all helps to sustain the clean code development and overall product high quality.

What's in the outcome?

The Uinno team has invested in the frontend development of a SaaS digital product that allows management of the recruitment process for all-sized businesses from sourcing on job listings to employee onboarding. Clear planning and accurate compliance with deadlines have formed the clarity and trust of our client who manages each release timings.

Mutual understanding and high expertise of our development team have led to continued collaboration on internal project development - PDF converter.

While the recruitment tool automates the hiring workflow, enhances employee experience, and improves employer branding, the PDF converter is widely used throughout the whole line of Expedo products, shows high resiliency to heavy loads, and provides cost-efficient maintenance.

Seamless data integration of both solutions with other HR tools establishes a solid talent management ecosystem.

Furthermore, our collaboration with the client continues and deepens. The next step is the support and maintenance of an identity management system.

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