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Cybersecurity Corner: Safety Detectives Interviewing Uinno's CTO Andrew Sharapo

Andrew Sharapo
  • Andrew Sharapo
  • 2 min read
Safety Detectives Interviewing Uinno's CTO Andrew Sharapo

Recently, a tech enthusiast from Safety Detectives Shauli Zacks interviewed Andrew Sharapo, a CTO and co-founder of Uinno. They have addressed the topics covering cybersecurity's latest trends, best practices in creating software while keeping product security at the forefront, and much more.

Andrew has shared how his desire for programming at school has grown into a real solid professional experience that together with a polished company philosophy incarnated into a unique product development agency with a people-first mindset.

They talked about the main retrospective of services the company provides to its clients. But the major emphasis was put into the discussion of the most important cybersecurity matters and the measures to implement while delivering a digital product to a wide audience of consumers.

Andrew Sharapo gave full answers to all the questions and provided certain cybersecurity tips that every organization is welcome to follow. Perhaps, the most important lessons from his own experience that he has drawn out into the following tips:

  • Try to eliminate the human factor.
  • Create corporate security standards.
  • Keep all software up-to-date.

If you are interested in diving into the topic a bit deeper, please follow the link to the full interview of our knowledgeable CTO or ask him directly in case of more specific cybersecurity questions. Thanks to Safety Detectives for the trust!

We are always open to any questions or interviews anyone may want to conduct with our experts.

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