How Eco Habits Help Businesses to Grow Their Revenue [Based on Three Business Models]

Stanis Bondarenko
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These days sustainability is the top priority for businesses of all kinds, be it tech startups, solar energy companies, or law firms. 

As waste continues to gather up and pollution grows along with the consumption of the goods. All of it influences our planet in a bad way which means that random people on their way to eco-friendliness start to change their lifestyles and buying habits. 

The recent research by Deloitte shows that 65% of consumers demand businesses to do more to address climate change. It includes efforts on reducing carbon emissions, tackling air pollution, and creating more sustainable manufacturing processes. 

Moreover, around 23% of consumers already claim that they will only buy products from eco-friendly companies. This tendency will only develop, more and more people want to reduce their own carbon footprint and help the environment become greener as soon as possible.

This eco-movement has a global impact - such developed countries as Germany starting from April 15th, 2023 have closed the last three nuclear power plants. It has caused lots of debates bearing in mind the war in Ukraine and the global energy crisis. However, as Germany’s Federal Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, Steffi Lemke claims to reporters: "The position of the German government is clear: nuclear power is not green. Nor is it sustainable".

All of these are clear signs that the movement to eco-friendliness is inevitable. Besides, those businesses that start implementing eco habits as fast as possible will reap more benefits while the ones lagging behind can be even penalized in the future.

In this article, you will witness real-life examples of eco habits' successful implementation illustrated by three business portraits:

  • Ecotech startups;
  • Renewable energy organizations;
  • Eco-friendly businesses from various domains.

How ecotech startups help our planet to become greener

Ecotech startups are a direct example of a business that not only makes a real impact on ecology transformation but also earns from its own efforts.

To back up this statement let's name a few well-deserving technology startups that are 100% sustainable on the global scale.


An ecotech mobile application that allows people to be more eco-consciousness and thus build more eco-friendly habits based on the analyzed carbon emissions data. Basically, users measure their lifestyle on the eco-friendliness point including carbon emissions calculations, gathered from the users' inserted data and information received from smart devices.

This carbon measurement app is rather new but already raised US $1.2M in funds for future app development after just two months of the app launch. We at Uinno are very proud of this app's achievement as our engineers gave a hand to the startup owners in the product development. 

So this accomplishment was partly possible due to a well-thought-out product engineering approach implemented from the beginning. It included the implementation of a high-load app resistance, accurate emissions calculation, data perseverance and protection, and flexibility toward startup-related change requests. 

Read more about the nuances of the climatetech app development in our dedicated ecotech app development case study. Our engineering team has described all the challenges and solutions we had during this ecotech product development in details.

Too Good To Go

This is a well-known mobile app for Android and iOS that allows people to beat the food waste problem. Users can use the app and buy unsold food from hotels, restaurants, cafes, and groceries that are still in good condition. This way business owners avoid throwing away the unsold food and help random people with limited budgets to have food at an affordable price.

Too Good To Go's total funding is US $45.7M with an annual revenue of around US $504.6M per year.


This energy-as-a-service technology startup provides hardware and AI-powered software for energy consumption optimization and efficient processing of renewable energy. The mission of the provided energy management technology is to significantly reduce energy costs and make alternative energy more affordable and efficient for the public. 

This so-called "Airbnb of clean energy" connects households and energy producers directly without traditional intermediaries. 

A part of the solution that Fuergy provides to its customers is an AI-powered software that allows adjusting heating settings based on weather conditions and energy consumption habits.

When two innovative approaches both in manufacturing and technology like alternative energy and artificial intelligence service get mixed, the results can be overwhelming.

Just recently, the Fuergy startup has raised more than US $16M in funds and its revenue is already estimated at around US $20.1M.

Renewable energy companies' innovation: energy & tech

Renewable energy companies are characterized by the possibility to provide energy from alternative sources like sun, wind, water, ground, and biomass. They create engineering solutions using various hardware and connected software. 

However, this industry is pretty new so most tech solutions are rather raw and can be even more efficient compared to the existing ones. Besides, the understandable connection between hardware items, energy software solutions for the renewable energy industry can be as follows:


Energy management systems

They allow monitoring of all the energy consumption processes, control the state of each connected hardware item, identify energy leaks, cut energy expenditures, save energy, forecast peak consumption periods, and more.


CRM software

CRM solutions allow for conducting networking activities between the company and its vendors in the most efficient way. They include various useful features and custom functionality solutions dedicated to each particular organization.


ERP platforms

Enterprise resource planning platforms allow monitoring the state of business resources and efficiently re-organize their usage in various sectors of the energy delivery system.


MRP software

Manufacturing resource planning platforms help to track the state of resources on the scale of different manufacturing departments and find the most efficient ways to utilize resources.

These and other custom solutions for solar energy companies, wind energy producers, hydropower energy stations, geothermal and bioenergy plants can be provided in the form of web and mobile applications, artificially intelligent- and blockchain-powered software solutions, etc. 

The digitalization of the renewable energy industry is gaining momentum. According to a recent study, automation of the processes makes the biggest impact on the domain of digital transformation. However, there are many other aspects to consider for every other renewable energy organization.

The most in-demand digital technologies in the  renewable energy industry

How businesses from various domains can benefit from Ecotech

Not only ecology-connected businesses can benefit from implementing eco-friendly initiatives. Actually, there are numerous grants, subsidies, and programs from developed countries that try to nurture an eco-friendly lifestyle among random people and various businesses of all scales.

It's a well-known fact that European countries provide financial support for people who want to exchange their carbon or gas-powered cars for hybrid or electric ones. However, the same is applicable to socially responsible businesses.

Besides, the fact that your customers know how eco-friendly your business is, there are many initiatives from governments that result in fewer taxes, more privileges in business management, priority in tenders, etc.

The final thoughts on Ecotech development

The Ecotech industry is growing faster than ever. The eco-conscious companies that think smart and act fast will always get more benefits compared to the ones that still try to use conservative approaches. 

If you believe in your Ecotech idea, have enough courage to introduce it to your customers, and earn from it not only in terms of profits but also in recognition as a socially responsible business, just start moving toward its implementation with the right engineering approach. Need help, just ask our experts!

Need to fill the gap in your tech team?
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